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Getting to know yourself is the first step toward deciding on a major and career. A number of assessments available to the Tulane community to help clarify your educational and career goals. 

Free Online Assessments

Traitify's visual personality assessment, Woofound, offers deep insight on core values and character. It's fast, accurate, fun, and easy to take. It uses the data it gathers about your personality and preferences to recommend careers just for you. On top of that, Woofound offers: 

  • A breakdown of how you stack up against Woofound's seven core types of personality.
  • Information about the kinds of people and work environments that help you thrive.
  • Possible strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personalized recommendations for careers aligned specifically with what makes you unique.
  • Essential details about each career recommendation -- what level of education and degree you need, what to expect in terms of salary, potential job growth, and more.

Woofound delivers results instantly online, eliminating the long wait times and hassles of traditional assessments. Better yet, the assessment takes two to three minutes to complete. And you can review your results -- or even take the assessment again -- anytime a seed of doubt starts to creep in. Click on the logo to get started,

Note: You will be directed to a secure login page where you will need to enter your Tulane information. Woofound can also be taken on your mobile device. If you would like assistance in exploring the results and what they mean for you, schedule an appointment with your Career Advisor.


The Do What You Are Personality Assessment can help you find ideas of what you could do based on your personality. Learning about personality type provides students with accurate and valuable insights about themselves, their strengths, and blindspots, and their career-related needs.

Note: You are required to register the first time you visit the website and enter the following Access Key during registration: FG42R66. On each subsequent visit, use your e-mail and the personal password you created to log in. If you would like assistance in exploring the results and what they mean for you, click here to schedule an appointment.