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Building Better Bullet Points

A challenging part of developing a strong resume is articulating experiences and achievements in a way that impresses employers with your ability to solve problems.

CAT Format

The CAT (Challenge + Action + Result) formula makes it easy to highlight your accomplishments. Begin by thinking of a project you completed or a problem you solved at a job or through volunteer efforts.

  • What CHALLENGE were you faced with? 
  • What ACTION did you take to solve the problem?
  • What was the RESULT of the action you took to meet the challenge?


Challenge: boss at Blue Sky Textiles (fashion merchandising company in Manhattan) asked me to create a social media campaign that would increase the company's likes,  followers, and influencers and, ultimately, product sales

Action: Designed a multi-level, image-rich campaign across four social media platforms featuring customer testimonials

Result: Engagement increased by 400% in the first 6 weeks after launch with a corresponding bump in online sales of 30% in the spring line. 

Bullet: Initiated strategies to promote new products through client testimonials using social media for fashion merchandising company in Manhattan. Increased brand awareness of Spring clothing line with a 400% increase in Facebook likes and 350% increase in Twitter followers in 6 weeks resulting in a 30% in online of the Spring line. 

More Examples

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