CRDV 1090: Majors, Internships and Jobs

CRDV 1090: Majors, Internships and Jobs is a 1-hour credit course that guides students through the career development process. Class participants develop the necessary tools, skills, and resources to become career ready, learning what they have to offer and what it takes to be an excellent candidate in a competitive job market.

Students will also participate in an exclusive mock interview event where they will practice interviewing skills with professionals from a variety of industries. Interviewees receive feedback from their interviewers on the spot.

While enrolled in CRDV 1090, students will :

  • Create and refine professional documents.
  • Explore careers.
  • Conduct job/internship searches.
  • Develop networking and interviewing skills.
  • Learn to utilize professional social media in order to network more effectively.

Trained career educators facilitate this course and meet one-on-one with each student for career advising through the semester.

CRDV 1090 FAQ's

Who Should Take this Course?

We recommend this course to all our Tulane students! No matter what year you are, there's still something to be gained from this course.

  • Seniors: Preparing for life after college, looking for internships/jobs, needing to sharpen professional tools and skills
  • Sophomores and Juniors: Looking for internships/jobs and needing to develop professional skills
  • First-year Students*: Exploring majors and career paths, looking for internships and to begin working on professional skills

*First-year students who have already decided on a major and prefer to focus on internships and job search skills can be approved for a sophomore/junior section. An NTC academic advisor or a CRDV 1090 instructor can make recommendations.

How is this Course Designed?

The course is designed to guide students through a personalized career readiness roadmap developed in three stages (according to the career development process):

1. Develop Self-awareness

The first stage focuses on self-assessment and career-exploration. Through two self-assessments (Do What You Are and StrengthsQuest) and various activities, CRDV 1090 helps students understand their strengths, interests, and values in order to maximize their potential. Additionally, students will learn to articulate their strengths and goals to others, an important part of the job search.  

2. Create a Career Toolkit

The next stage prepares students for the job/internship search by creating and refining the necessary professional documents, profiles, and other useful tools, i.e. Resume, Cover letter, Thank you letters, outreach messages, LinkedIn profile. 

3. Improve Interpersonal Communication Skills for Networking and Interviewing

The final stage focuses on practicing interpersonal communication skills, particularly networking and interviewing skills. Students will reflect upon what they learned in the previous two stages to develop a personal brand and marketing strategy so that they are comfortable in formal and informal networking situations.  Their participation in the Mock Interview event will help refine these skills and give them a real-world interviewing experience.

What is the Procedure for Mock Interviews?

Each semester, CRDV 1090 culminates in a Mock Interview Day event hosted for students enrolled in the course. Students participate in mock interviews with local New Orleans professionals and employers, and receive direct feedback from these professionals.

The goal of this event is to provide students with an authentic interviewing experience to help prepare them for future internship or job searches. Throughout the day, each student enrolled will come for a short interview and receive direct feedback from an employer in their industry of interest.