CRDV 1090 Testimonials

This course was very helpful in developing my ability to form strategies for searching for an internship or job. learning how to present my strengths and account for my weaknesses was invaluable, as it provided me with an easy way to articulate what values I would bring to any given potential employer. 

- Tulane Sophomore


As a senior, my GPA was pretty much concrete, but through Tulane's Career Development class, I realized the many other aspects I possess to make me more marketable to employers. Not only did I learn more about my personality, skills, and strengths, but I also learned how to eloquently communicate my value whether it be in an online job application or a face to face interview. Even as a graduate with a job lined up post-graduation, I saved a lot of my notes, presentations, and worksheets from class in anticipation of any future career moves.

- Tulane Senior


In this class I learned so much about how to find careers that I might want to do. As a result of this class I actually figured out what I want to do for the rest of my life. I had an idea but this class helped me to refine my ideas about my future. 

- Tulane Senior