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Phone Interview Etiquette

Employers will often conduct a phone interview prior to granting an in person interview. While you are able to do a phone interview in your PJs, you will want to be even more prepared for these interviews.

Below are some tips to keep in mind so your next phone interview is a success.

Keep your Materials Handy

Be prepared going into the interview, and have your resume, your answers to common interview questions, a cup of water and a pen and paper in easy reach. Because you won’t have to schlep into an office, you can have anything out in front of you to aid with your success.

You may also want to limit the number of notes and documents you have, so they aren't distracting or overwhelming. Try and condense your relevant information into a couple pages at most. 

Be Mindful of Your Environment 

Find a quiet place to interview and stay there! There shouldn't be any noise in the background to distract you or your potential employer.

If you are having difficulty finding a quiet space on campus, come see us! Career Services has several interview rooms that students may reserve. You can also call us at (504) 865-5107. 

Speak Slowly and Clearly

When you speak to people face-to-face, you are able to understand what they are saying more clearly because you can see their mouth move. So in a way, you are reading their lips! Neither you nor your potential employer will be able to do this over the phone of course, so speak clearly and a little bit more slowly than you would if you were talking to this person in person.

If you can’t hear them, drop hints that they aren’t speaking clearly or loud enough by politely asking them to repeat themselves. If this makes you uncomfortable at all you can always blame it on your phone: “I’m really sorry, it’s hard to hear you, the volume on my phone just won’t go up!”

Remember – You Can’t Be Seen

That means that anything you say cannot be interpreted by your body language. Beware of jokes or sarcastic remarks that would have been harmless had he seen your facial expression.

Maintain your professionalism; stay on target with the interview topics and don't forget to smile. Even though they won't be able to see your smile, they can still hear it!