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Zoom/Video Interview Etiquette

Make an impression from a distance. As you progress through the interview process, you may be asked to meet over video before coming in person to interview. Here are some tips for success. 

Test Your Tech in Advance

Complete a test run using your computer and microphone. Ensure you have a strong WiFi connection and make sure you're suing the latest software update for your platform (Ex: Zoom, Skype, etc.) If you're using an external microphone, you'll want to test that as well. This will hopefully alleviate any potential technical difficulties throughout the interview. 

Find a Quiet Space

The ideal background is distraction free and quiet. So, avoid busy places such as coffee shops or, if you're at home, any spaces that have high foot traffic. You'll also want to ensure your space is well lit.

Dress for Success

Be aware of patters such as stripes that can strobe the camera. If you only plan to dress up from the waist up, make note of where your camera cuts off so you're not caught in your casual bottoms. 

Be Aware of Yourself 

Look directly into the camera when answering questions and make sure you're speaking clearly and avoiding hand gestures that may stutter the video. Be aware of your facial expression and posture throughout the interview. These body language cues can play a big part in your overall impression. 

Pause Before Answering

Sound quality for video interviews can be spotty at times. Take a short pause before answering to ensure the employer is done speaking. Also, be sure to avoid mumbling so that the employer can. hear you clearly.

Remember it's ok to ask an interviewer to repeat a question if you're having trouble hearing with the audio.