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Program Details

Interested students should review the following in detail prior to applying

Active Internship Postings: Current Internships can be found here and also by searching in Handshake by inputting "Tulane Remote Internship" in the search bar. 

Posting Instructions: Some internships require specific submissions or information. Follow specific instructions for each individual posting. 

Application Limit: Students are only allowed to apply to three Remote Internships. If you apply for more than three you will be disqualified from the program. 

Orientation Sessions: If selected, students must attend one of our virtual orientation sessions on Monday, October 1 or Tusesday, October 2.

Credit/Reflection Papers: Remote Interns will receive academic credit for the internship and are required to complete a reflection at the end of the semester, due on Friday, December 21. These internships are unpaid.

Required Site Visit during Fall Break: Remote Interns will make a site visit to their company and city with expenses paid by Tulane during Fall Break (Thursday, October 11 or Friday, October 12). Applicants should not make alternative plans for Fall Break until they are notified that they are not selected for interviews (all interview candidates will be announced on Monday, September 10) or for participation in the program after the interview rounds (all intern selections will be made on or before Monday, September 24). *If students are abroad or have approved excuses prior to submitting their applications, fall break site visit might be omitted.

Logistics: Remote Interns will work 6-10 hours per week for the internship period. Remote Interns will work remotely from the location of your and your employer's choice (on campus, Tulane Career Center, coffee shop, dorm room/apartment, etc.) Remote interns will have set weekly hours, check in and out of work, and complete weekly hour logs. Students will have an assigned supervisor from the company who will answer questions along the way, hold Skype/phone check-ins, and serve as a mentor throughout the project.

Resume (Required): Each internship requires an approved Handshake resume. In order for our career center staff to expedite the review and approval of your resume, please upload your resume in the following format - "TRIP - LAST NAME, RESUME". Once your resume is approved, you can use the same resume for all of your submissions. Resume approval can take up to 48 hours, so do not wait until the last minute to submit. IE if your resume requires additional work based on career center staff suggestions, if you wait until 2 days before deadline to submit, you still might not have an approved resume by program deadline. To expedite approval, it's imperative that you follow our resume guidelines here (Non-Business) and here (Business). Non-Business students are welcome to use the Business templates as well. 

Cover Letters (Required): Cover letters - written individually for each internship, should be submitted for approval using the format "TRIP COVER LETTER - COMPANY NAME, LAST NAME." Tips on writing cover letters can be found at here. At minimum, your cover letter should address the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • What skills do you currently possess that you feel will help you succeed in this position?
  • What do you hope to learn from this internship?
  • Is there anything else about you outside of what's on your resume that you'd like for the employer to know? (Creativity is encouraged with this question).