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Meet the SYE Coaching Team

Curious about which career coach could best meet your needs? Meet the SYE Coaching team and schedule an appointment now.

Renee' Dolliole, Career Advisor & SYE Coach | (504) 314-2251

Renee’ Dolliole is a Senior Student and Employer Advisor who enjoys providing invaluable support to students exploring career opportunities. She is also a Career Coach for the Senior Year Experience (SYE) Program. She received a Bachelor of arts degree in music performance from Dillard University, Master of liberal arts from Tulane University, and is currently pursuing an EdD in executive leadership from the University of Holy Cross. Renee’ has a passion for assisting students in achieving academic and career goals. In her spare time, she uses experience gained in higher education admissions and financial aid to help students gain access to college in underserved greater New Orleans communities.

Tyler Hackmann, Career Advisor & SYE Coach | (504) 314-7951

Tyler Hackmann’s experience in higher education has fueled his passion for supporting students as they transition through different stages of their personal and professional lives. As a strategic, empathic coach, he seeks to promote reflection and introspection in each of his coaching relationships. Tyler earned his master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Ohio State University, and his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis. As a Senior Student and Employment Advisor, Tyler aims to support students as they explore their purpose and connect their passion with tangible careers in the Senior Year Experience (SYE) program.

Lesley Hollon, Career Advisor & SYE Coach |
(504) 247-1657

Lesley Hollon is passionate about providing support and guidance for young adults who are going through major transitional periods in their lives. Lesley brings more than four years of experience in higher education, including a previous role as a Senior Admissions Counselor where she assisted high school students with the college admissions, financial aid, and selection processes. A graduate of Miami University of Ohio, Lesley's Bachelor's degree in Latin American Studies/International Relations and strong interest in culture and the arts complements her work with students pursuing liberal arts degrees. Lesley is currently pursuing her Associate Certified Coaching credential from the International Coaching Federation and a Master's degree in social work from Tulane. She is active in the arts community in New Orleans in her free time and looks forward to helping liberal arts students plan their careers through the Senior Year Experience (SYE) program.

Jan Pereira, Career Advisor & SYE Coach |
(504) 314-2283

Jan Pereira provides high quality coaching to students and helps connect them with employers of interest through her role as a Career Coach for the Senior Year Experience (SYE) program. In SYE, Jan provides customized career coaching to science and engineering students during their last two years as scholars at Tulane. She holds a Master of arts degree in counseling psychology from Antioch University and is completing requirements for her Associate Certified Coaching credential from the International Coaching Federation. Jan has enjoyed a portfolio career in business as a banker, stock broker, executive coach, and co-founder of a career coaching and organizational effectiveness firm, where she counseled college students, graduate students and those beginning their first jobs, as well as coached seasoned professionals.

Shanice Webb, Career Advisor & SYE Coach, Liberal Arts | (504) 247-1622

As a Senior Employer and Student Advisor, Shanice Webb helps connect students with employers and guides them through the career development process. In addition, Shanice is a Career Coach in the Senior Year Experience (SYE) program, a program that offers personalized career planning and support to liberal arts and science and engineering students during their last two years at Tulane. Shanice holds a Master's degree in public administration from the University of Akron and has earned her Associate Certified Coaching credential from the International Coaching Federation. Shanice is a positive changemaker and is an enthusiastic supporter of students' pursuit of their passions.