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What Students are Saying About SYE

Julie Gerstley: Software Developer at FAST Enterprises 

                                                                                                             "When I first started my Senior Year Experience, I was delighted to find that I had a one-on-one coach who truly made my future a priority. My advisor's flexibility with scheduling,  reliable support, and attentiveness helped me find a job that matched my interests even more than I could have imagined when I began my job search. I am very grateful for the resources  that have been available to me, and encourage all seniors to take advantage of the Career Center!"


Hannah Schuele, Customer Success Associate at Whetstone Education

                                                                                                  “Participating in the SYE program was absolutely one of the best decisions I made during my last semester at Tulane. Each meeting we discussed something different--resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn outreach, etc.-- all of which were extremely helpful in my post-grad job search. Most recently, Sara worked through salary negotiation tactics with me.  I'm not sure the direction that conversation would have gone had I not had her input and I'm very happy keeping it that way.”


Marley Vebares: Public Relations Fellow at Ketchum 

                                                                                                                        “The career center at Tulane was an invaluable resource for me during my search for a job throughout the past year. My career adviser, helped me polish my resume and cover letter and gave me critical direction during my job search process. I continuously recommend the career center to all of my friends that are looking to grow professionally and find new positions. After working with the career center, I will now be headed to Los Angeles in June to begin my position at Ketchum and I could not be more excited!”