Faculty Resources

Your involvement makes a difference. Faculty-student interactions enhance students' learning and their educational experience. Encourage career success and professional development by referring students to our resources and services.

Incorporate Tulane Career Services With

A Sample Syllabus Statement

Tulane Career Services provides undergraduate students with unique career-focused work experiences and opportunities. Career Services’s programs, events, career education courses, and Handshake, its job management system, provide pathways for exploration and encourage professional development and career fulfillment through informed and values-driven career choices. Tulane Career Services staff and employer partners offer individualized career guidance to foster job search skills, opportunities, and support as students determine their next steps and transition to graduate-level opportunities such as full-time employment or graduate school. Our students leave Tulane purposeful and prepared individuals with the skills needed to succeed in the workforce.

Get connected and start creating your individualized career plan at hiretulane.tulane.edu.

Résumé Assignments

Implement a classroom assignment that requires students to create their résumé. Career Services staff provide free online resources and conduct classroom presentations to instruct students on the appropriate format and content for their resumes.

Defined Course Objectives

Be explicit about the skills students are developing through their course work. It's powerful for our students to be able to articulate these skills to employers and offer assignments as tangible examples for their work portfolio. When possible, integrate soft skills such as public speaking, written work, and group work into the curriculum. These opportunities allow students to hone their individual skills. 

Student Referrals

You may notice if a student is unsure of their major or career path, looking for internship or job opportunities, or may be interested in graduate and professional school. Connect with those individuals to determine how Tulane Career Services could assist them or refer them to our units directly. 

Sharing Internship/Job Opportunities

Students may turn to you for guidance on potential internship, research, or job opportunities. Tulane Career Services has access to Handshake, a career management system that logs these opportunities and directly connects students to potential employers. Furthermore, if you are aware of any opportunities for students, you can reach out to Tulane Career Services for its inclusion in Handshake.