For Parents And Families

Get involved with career services! Your participation and support starting their first day on campus ensures your student's long-term career success.

Encourage Your Student(s) to Connect with Career Services Early and Often

Career services help is not just reserved for their upperclassmen years. Here are some examples of how early involvement can help your student.

Freshman Year: Students who are undecided or unsure of their major can attend career events to learn about career opportunities, companies, and how to prepare for the internship you will want in a year or two.

Sophomore Year: Students can continue their exploration and use this time to confirm their career interests before declaring their major in the spring and celebrating at the Sophomore Declaration Celebration

Junior Year: This is the time for your student to ramp up their internship and other work experience search. Field-related experience is the number one thing employers look for in full-time hires. By attending career events and programs, and researching part-time work on Handshake, your student can spend time making contacts. They can utilize these well-developed relationships when jumping into their full-time job search next year.

Senior Year: It's time to prepare for life after graduation! Your student should be translating their campus experience and demonstrating their potential as a full-time hire during career events. They can also connect with registered companies on Handshake to find full-time positions or connect with graduate schools.

Connect Us with Your Company

Attend a career fair as an employer. Share job postings in Handshake. Be a speaker for one of our NTC Career Chats or introduce us to someone in your company who would be interested. There's so many ways you or your company can get involved as and employer partner. Learn more about Why Tulane and how we can personalize your company's recruiting plan.

Act as a Mentor to Other Students

Share your wisdom as a seasoned professional. We're always looking for volunteers to provide unfiltered insight and conduct mock interviews for our career education courses.