Premium Online Services

The Tulane Career Services team has researched and invested in a number of premium online services to assist you with their job search. These online services are available to only our Tulane University students and may not be accessed by non-Tulane University students. 


It’s now easier than ever to find your next job or internship. Handshake, a university recruiting platform, is designed to bring Tulane job seekers and prospective employers who want to hire Tulane students and graduates together. Students and alumni can upload resumes, search for jobs and internships, apply for positions, register for special employer and career events, and manage an online profile viewable by employers.

After activating your account in Handshake, you can:

  1. Browse jobs and internships targeted to Tulane students and alumni
  2. Publish an online profile and resume viewable by employers
  3. Manage your profile and curate your career path, as the system intuitively connects you to relevant opportunities based on your interests, profile, and search activity
  4. Sign up for on-campus interviews
  5. Register for employer events including career fairs and career-related workshops and presentations
  6. Take advantage of the robust resource center

Activate your Handshake account today. 

NEED HELP? To speak with the Handshake team for assistance, click the Help link in the blue navigation bar at the top of the Handshake screen and select Contact Technical Support to speak with the Handshake team. You can also contact the Tulane Career Center via email at or by calling (504) 865-5107. Note: Handshake is best viewed with completely updated web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari). It also works great on your smart phone phone--download the Handshake Mobile app on the app store.

Forté – More Leading Women

Forté is a nonprofit organization whose objective is to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, professional development, and a community of successful women. Since its founding, Forté has grown to include more than 100,000 motivated and inspiring women who are changing the balance of power in the workplace. This powerful alliance of talented women, influential companies, leading undergraduate and MBA schools, and pioneering donors empowers women to change their career trajectories, earning power, and lives. Forté strives to support women to embark on a professional path that is meaningful to them.

  • Earn Your Career Ready Certificate – Complete the self-guided online program. Show employers that you have what it takes to succeed.
  • Attend Conferences - Each year, Forté holds conferences where students can explore career options, gain hands-on experience, and make valuable connections
  • Networking & Mentorship – Take the opportunity to connect with mentors and recruiters from partner companies to expand your network by connecting with peers and professionals.

No matter your major or what you are planning on doing after graduation, Forté’s resources and networking tools will help you shine. Join Forté using your Tulane email and gain access to all these incredible resources.

Forté Website 


UCAN Internship Network

The mission of the University Career Action Network (UCAN) is to connect employers with talented undergraduate and graduate students (Arts and Sciences) who are seeking diverse career building experiences through internships. The UCAN Internship Exchange, founded in 1996, is one of the most comprehensive online internship databases, known for connecting organizations with a wide array of intern candidates. 


Tulane Connect


Tulane Connect (powered by the Tulane Alumni Association) allows you to connect and engage with Tulane Alumni. Leveraging the Alumni network will allow you to get greater insights into your field of interest and develop connections in previously unforeseen companies.

By fully integrating with social networks and cultivating a culture of helping and giving back, you will be amazed how vibrant your Tulane community is! Click on the logo to get started or visit


Do What You Are

The Do What You Are Personality Assessment can help you find ideas of what you could based on your personality. Learning about personality type provides students with accurate and valuable insights about themselves, their strengths, and blindspots, and their career-related needs.

Note: You are required to register the first time you visit the website and enter the following Access Key during registration: FG42R66. On each subsequent visit, use your e-mail and the personal password you chose to log in. If you would like assistance in exploring the results and what they mean for you, call the Tulane Career Center at 504-865-5107 to schedule an appointment.



Interview Stream


InterviewStream is an innovative learning tool that you can use to enhance your job interviewing skills and develop an edge over the competition. You will be able to simulate job interviews by responding to pre-recorded interview questions and practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Once you have created an account online, you can practice your interview skills from any web-accessible device with a webcam. Select from hundreds of sample interview questions and review your performance online individually or with a Tulane Career Advisor. This resource is available to Tulane students and alumni.

To access the system:

  • Go to
  • Use your Tulane email address to create your personal account.


Versatile PhD

Versatile PhD is an online resource designed to help STEM, humanities, and social science PhDs identify, prepare for, and succeed in non-academic careers. Graduate students, faculty, and others have free access to premium resources provided through the Tulane's subscription to Versatile PhD. 

Versatile PhD's Career Finder offers:

  • HIRED: Authentic resumes and cover letters that got real PhDs their first jobs away from the faculty track, with detailed analysis that describes how they made the non-academic pivot and shows the application and hiring process step by step
  • BIO: Inspiring first‐person stories by experienced non-academic PhDs describing how their careers evolved over several years after moving out of the academy, including promotions, advancement, and signature accomplishments
  • PANEL: Detailed inside information on a wide range of specific PhD‐friendly careers provided by PhDs in those careers, along with their answers to grad student questions

Explore Versatile PhD discussion forums, learn more about local meetup groups, and search job listings -- all from the main menu.

Going Global

The Going Global Career Guides/Global Key Employer Directory Database is a massive research tool that contains more than 10,000 resources for finding employment at home and abroad. Over 25,000 employer listings have been specially selected to reflect companies where professional opportunities are likely to be available. 


Career Insider Powered by Firsthand offers:

  • Downloadable career guides
  • Employer rankings and profiles
  • Discussion boards
  • Industry blogs and news covering the latest trends and issues
  • Diversity, green programs, and leadership development profiles 

Firsthand's job board matches employers and recruiters with top Tulane talent.

Reference USA

Reference USA is an Internet-based reference service from the Library Division of infoUSA. The site was designed for use as a reference tool in libraries and is continually enhanced based upon suggestions from librarians and library patrons. It is the number one source of information on businesses and people for researchers, student, job seekers, and government agencies.

IBIS World

IBIS World is an Internet-based reference service which has created several industry guides. These industry guides will help students explore potential career fields, and examine the directions these fields are moving in.