A resume provides an employer a snapshot that tells your story and communicates your value and showcases your competitive edge in your job search. Connect your work or leadership experience and applicable accomplishments to your desired position's needs. You'll want to keep your document to one page. So, write professional and concise descriptions that reflect your skills. Don’t forget to ask a few people to proofread it for typos. 

Resumes that are tailored specifically to the job description get the best results. 

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Header And Objective

For your header, include your name, email address and phone number. It is not necessary to include your street address. If you have your own website, include your personal URL under your name. The font size on your name should be slightly larger than the rest of the text.

Including an objective is optional and not always necessary if your education, interests, and experience align. Adding an objective at the top of your resumes focuses the employer’s attention on your skills and areas of interest. It should provide a quick snapshot of who you are and the best you have to offer as it relates to your target position.

Successful Objective Statements

Objective statements are brief, usually three or four lines, and are persuasive and specific. The most effective Objectives target key skill sets the employer is seeking. 


Example One Before: Internship in an advertising agency

Example One After: Seeking summer internship opportunity in Business or Advertising with focus on in creative strategy, account planning, and graphic design. Highly proficient web design skills using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and WordPress. Demonstrated ability to manage social media marketing, develop internet business strategies, and conduct market/consumer research.

Example Two Before: Internship in environmental engineering

Example Two After: Third-year Tulane University student with well-developed mechanical, technical, and communications skills seeking an internship in the alternative and sustainable energy industry. Qualified by a unique blend of project management, research, and data analysis skills gained through academic projects and simulation experience.


Include the degree, your program, and anticipated graduation date. Study abroad, related coursework, thesis project, GPA, academic honors and awards may also be included in this section.

Work Experience

Create sections with separate headings for your positions and leadership roles most closely related to the position you are applying to. For each experience or activity, include the organization or employer name, your title or role, location, and dates. 

Provide concise explanations of your experiences and activities, focusing on creating accomplishment statements and results. Begin these descriptive statements with strong action verbs and avoid using personal pronouns such as "I." You can also apply the action, project/problem, result formula to create your bullets.

Action Verb List

Additional Sections

If there's room or this information is relevant to the role you ar applying for, consider including any of these other points.

  • Languages
  • Publications and presentations.  List only the most relevant to the position or employer.
  • Lab and technical skills. List any computer programs or software you know or any lab work. 
  • Transferrable skills. Identify your talents such as communication, research and planning, organization, and management. 


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