CRDV 1090: Majors, Internships and Jobs

CRDV 1060: Exploring Majors and Careers is a 1-hour credit course that guides students through the major and career exploration process. Class participants will engage in reflective and investigative practices to align their personality, interests, and values with their academic and professional goals, enabling deeper engagement with their experience at Tulane and beyond.

Students will also practice gathering information through networking through a “Career Conversation” (also known as an informational interview).

CRDV 1070: Preparing for Jobs, Internships, and Graduate School is a 1-hour credit course that aims to prepare students for their professional life after Tulane. Class participants develop the necessary tools, skills, and resources to become career ready, learning what they have to offer and what it takes to be an excellent candidate in a competitive job market.

Students will also participate in an exclusive mock interview event where they will practice interviewing skills with professionals from a variety of industries. Interviewees receive feedback from their interviewers on the spot.


CRDV 1090 FAQ's

Who Should Take this Course?

We recommend these courses to all our Tulane students! Generally we recommend:

CRDV 1070:

Seniors: Preparing for life after college, looking for internships/jobs, needing to sharpen professional tools and skills

Sophomores and Juniors: Looking for internships/jobs and needing to develop professional skills

CRDV 1060:

First-years and Sophomore: Exploring potential majors before declaration or looking at options for connecting your major to career; finding what you are actually interested in!


Course Learning Outcomes:


CRDV 1060:

  • Identify interests, values, and personality traits related to major and career pathways
  • Discover occupations, industries, and other career pathways
  • Create a career toolkit including a resume, and other career/academic-related documents
  • Identify career and academic goals
  • Develop a major and career exploration plan
  • Build and practice networking skills


CRDV 1070:

  • Assess, confirm, and connect values, interests, and personality traits to the career or graduate school search process
  • Design a personal brand that includes application documents and interviewing skills and refines the online presence for career and graduate school
  • Develop an internship, job, and graduate school plan that identifies career goals and opportunities
  • Connect academic and experiential learning to career plans
  • Build and practice networking skills to maximize and manage personal and professional networks