Let's work together to communicate the immense value of your Tulane education. Once you have taken the time to build a stellar résumé and practice your interview skills, the search for the right job is your next big step. Take the time to build your network and apply to jobs that are the perfect fit.

Steps to Identifying Job Opportunities: 

  1. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to discuss potential opportunities.
  2. Log in to Handshake to access thousands of jobs and internships postings.
  3. Explore the hidden job market through your network, as statistics show that 80% of jobs are never published and remain hidden in the job market. For this reason, making connections in your industry and networking remains the number one job search strategy.
  4. Register for special industry networking meet-ups available under the Events tab in Handshake.
  5. Use LinkedIn or industry specific websites to network with alumni or professionals in your industry of interest.
  6. Attend career fairs and other Career Services's events.
  7. Participate in on-campus interviews by reviewing the employer schedule in the Interviews tab in Handshake and applying for open slots directly.