Diplomat and Executives in Residence

Meet with a Diplomat or Executive in Residence who assist Tulane students in providing career guidance during one-on-one discussions. Our experts are also available to conduct classroom presentations, network with students and student groups, and discuss possible career pathways.

What expert should I meet with?

I'm interested in working for the State Department or foreign and civil service careers.

You should schedule a meeting with our Diplomat in Residence (DIR). The DIR is a career foreign service officer and specialist who provides you with guidance and shares insight on careers, internships and fellowships related to these interests.

I have a range of interests in a few different fields.

You should meet with our Executive in Residence (EIR). The EIR program offers you an opportunity to learn from leaders representing a range of industries in a variety of settings on campus.

Through the program, industry leaders spend time with students through presentations about their careers and companies in small group meetings with student organizations and guest lecture opportunities. Executives in Residence also hold one-on-one office hours with students.